Frontend engineering with Reactjs

Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to build frontend applications for the modern web from scratch to finish using Reactjs. Our Frontend engineering with Reactjs course is a 6 Months immersive training and working program.

What you'll learn

This course covers how a web browser interacts with a web server to handling events with ReactJs, state management, context, and more. This course will introduce you to the Node.js environment.


#1 Web fundamentals

Differentiate between basic concepts such as: Internet and Web and discover how the Web works. Define the APIs and the “Protocol”. Create your first web page with two different methods.


Learn the basics of HTML and become capable of building website skeletons and essential structures.

#3 CSS

Create websites and recreate / clone preselected designs with CSS. Create different layouts with CSS: manage positioning and use Flexbox, CSS Grid, Bootstrap, Tailwind and more. Create a responsive web page.

#4 JavaScript

Learn the basics of JavaScript. Discover the essential principles on which the rest of the training will be built on. JavaScript is the center of the rest of the technologies taught in Tecstor Academy.

#5 Document Object Model

With the Dom, you can manipulate the HTML content and styles of your pages.

#6 Git and Github

Discover Git and Github. Learn Github features and manipulate projects using it.


A computer on which you can install software (Windows, MacOS, or Linux)

6 Months to learn and work hard to build a career in tech.

No prior coding experience required

Skills you'll gain

Computer programmingHTMLCSSJavascriptDatabasesAPIsVersion ControlUI/UXCLIApplication Programming Interfaces (API)Cloud Hosting

Frontend engineering with Reactjs


On campus
6 months
2 times a week
Starts April 24th

Tecstor Professional Certificate

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Hands-On Projects

Apply your skills with hands-on projects and build a portfolio that showcases your job readiness to potential employers. You'll need to successfully finish the project(s) to earn your Certificate.

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The Tecstor Benefits

Shaping the Future of Work

Industry Expert Teachers

You will be taught & mentored by Industry experts using latest and efficient tools for the modern tech-era. Our programs are well structured to take you from Zero to Hero.


Get your very own physical certificate to prove your participation which keeps yout at an edge in todays competitive market.


We partner with notable brands that builds and deliver purpose-driven networks that perform in the tough environment of the industries we serve.

Conducive environment

Our classes and the environment is serene and conducive for learning. With constant electricity and internet facility.

Pragmatic model

Our hands-on approach to teaching gives you a unique advantage in the market place. Students complete real-life projects before the end of each course.

Professional support

From Pre-sales Consultancy, Training and Logistics through to Project Management, Implementation support.